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May 8, 2006

Reload Command

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Last night I was doing an IOS upgrade remotely for one of our remote office. After upgrade I had to apply some ACL’s for QOS. As soon as I applied the ACL I lost the connection. And I was not able to log in to the router after that.

Guess what, I was able to access the router after 10 minutes. How is this possible?

I think some of you must have already guessed it! J. Yeah! Whenever I do any configuration changes remotely, I always issue reload in 15 command. This will reload the router after 15 minutes. But a warning here, If your configuration is successful, try to save your configuration before 15 minutes. Otherwise you will loose your successful configuration also.

Conclusion:-Every time you try to do remote configuration changes, you should try to use reload in x (where x is minutes) command at the start. It will reload your router after x minutes in case you loose your remote telnet connection. If you make a mistake and can no longer get to the router because of the change you made, you have to make the embarrassing call to someone to go “hit the power.” The power cycle takes the router back to the original starting configuration because your change was never saved. Using this command can save you from making embarrassing call.


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  1. I love this feature. I use it a lot when doing work on switches at remote sites. After you’ve done your changes, you can run “reload cancel” to stop the device from reloading.

    In addition to the “reload in xxx”, there’s “reload at” that we use to schedule reboots when needed.


    Comment by Sean — May 9, 2006 @ 12:31 pm

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