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May 14, 2006

Preventing Jam Processes

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We have always seen that there are some processes still sitting in the process memory and doing nothing. It is possible, however, for a process to become jammed, thus monopolizing the CPU. This may not be immediately apparent on some high-end routers (e.g. 7500 with VIPs, GSR12K), it will cause misery eventually, and certainly on the shared memory routers. Sometimes it leads to a router slow down and in some worst cases we are not able to telnet the router.

We can use following commands to prevent processes from jamming the CPU.

1) scheduler process-watchdog hang :-

This command will place the hung processes in the memory but will not schedule it for processing (CPU).

2) scheduler process-watchdog reload:-

This is “not recommended” option, as this will reload the router. But keep in mind in case router is already in unstable state it’s always better to Reload the router.3)

3)scheduler process-watchdog terminate:-

This will terminate the processes in continued operation of the router. It can also lead to a termination of some key processes which can lead to some adverse affects.

Conclusion: – These are pretty helpful commands for terminating dead processes but my suggestion out here is that use these commands will full caution.


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