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July 15, 2007

Enabling Full help in User EXEC level

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Normally with Router>Show ? , you will not see all available show commands at user level but there is a way to see Full help of Show commands at user level. You would need to enable following command

Router> terminal full-help

Enabling full help, you will witness that there are lot more commands available at User EXEC level.

The system administrator can also configure the system to always display full help for connections made to a particular line using the full-help line configuration command

Redistributing Default Route in OSPF

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redistribute static subnets command is used to redistribute static routes in OSPF, However static default route (ip route…) is not injected in to OSPF topology database. IF you want to redistribute static route in OSPF, following command should be used with in the router ospf configuration.

default-information originate always

Incase you issue above command without static route being configured, router will inject type 5 LSA for the default route in OSPF topology database.

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