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January 31, 2008

Cisco Open source tools

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I came across a great resource, Cisco-centric Open Source Community (COSI). COSI is an Internet-based community that develops free Cisco tools and makes them available for download from its Web site. There are almost 50 utilities available for download. The scripts and utilities all include documentation, and the community has developed all of these tools to work with Cisco IOS routers, switches, firewalls, or CiscoWorks management software.

COSI’s Web site also offers other advantages. Clicking the link to download a script takes you to a community download page, which also features discussion forums for questions and support of these tools. It’s important to remember that Cisco’s Technical Assistance Center (TAC) doesn’t support these tools, so you must count on your own skills and the help of others in the community.

A tradeoff: These tools are not ideal for new Cisco IOS users or anyone who doesn’t have some Linux experience. Many of these tools help automate more advanced Cisco admin tasks when administering a midsize to large Cisco network

January 23, 2008

Recognizing the Sr. Level Network Designer

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After starting a new assignment, I was in the middle of decision process on whether I should go for CCIE (SP) or not and I received the following mail from Cisco.

Recognizing the Sr. Level Network Designer
Introducing Cisco Certified Design Expert (CCDE) Certification
Responding to strong customer demand to assess and recognize Sr. Level Network Architecture skills in the market, Cisco is introducing a new premiere knowledge based certification focused on Network Infrastructure Design. – The Cisco Certified Design Expert (CCDE). The CCDE is an expert-level certification with content emphasis on expertise in network architecture, which is the capstone for Cisco’s design curriculum. In addition, passing the CCDE certification demands competencies of an experienced, seasoned, networking professional with a proven ability to interface with customers at the executive-level to ensure that business requirements are incorporated into successful designs.
What is a CCDE?
The successful CCDE-certified individual must have a demonstrated an ability to analyze and develop solutions which address planning, design, integration, optimization, operations, security and on-going support focused at the infrastructure of large 1000+ node customer networks.
The CCDE certification recognizes those with expert-level knowledge and skills in Infrastructure Design. The CCDE program is parallel to the CCIE program in terms of the expertise required and certification exam difficulty. It emphasizes network design principles and architectural theory of the network infrastructure and recognizes designers with the knowledge to assess network business requirements and translate them into technical specifications for successful designs.
Why Cisco Created the CCDE Program
Cisco created the CCDE program to respond to market demand in recognizing existing senior-level Network Designers and Architects while simultaneously providing senior Operations Engineers and Support Engineers with a validated professional development path into an Architectural role.
Cisco has found that organizations employing strong Network Designers and Architects consistently develop networks that are easier to maintain and troubleshoot. Properly executed, a well-designed network infrastructure aligned with a network-centric corporate business strategy leads to greater levels of efficiency and effectiveness – as well as potential competitive advantages like increased up-time, easier troubleshooting, increased performance, and simpler enhancements.
What are the exam requirements to attain CCDE?
To attain a CCDE certification a candidate will be tasked with passing two exams; a Qualification Exam, and a Practical exam. Similar to the CCIE program, there are no prerequisites to taking the Qualification exam and it is a 2 hour multiple-choice exam available at any worldwide Pearson VUE testing center. The Qualification exam, (ADVDESIGN) 352-001, assesses fundamental knowledge of networking theories, principles, protocols and technology.
Visit the CCDE program site for more details regarding the Qualification Exam (
The second exam, the practical exam, is still currently in development. It will be an eight-hour, practical scenario-based exam available in late 2008. Bookmark the CCDE programs page as more details are expected to follow as the development team progresses.
The qualification exam is now available at Pearson VUE testing facilities worldwide.
More questions? Access the latest information on CCDE at
Feedback regarding CCDE, contact

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